Abdul Ali Al-Ajmi believes that its customers and employees are the source of its strength after the help of The Almighty Allah, so the company seeks to the following:

  • To provide excellent experience for its customers through the quality of good performance regarding the implementation of their projects with the best technical solutions, lowest financial costs and purest environmental services.
  • To develop its employees in all aspects, whether it related to their incomes, work knowledge or the stability of their current and future career


Abdul Ali Al-Ajmi Company seeks continuously to develop its activities, experiences and the efficiency of its employees in order to become the best company in the region due to its excellent works.

Values of the Transparency:

  • Executing its works in an excellent manner with a high level of the transparency whether its clients present or not on the site.
  • Ensuring fair treatment to its all employees.
  • Providing information to all partners timely.


  • The company makes all expectations clear to its all customers and maintains its commitments with a great sense of responsibility.
  • It respects its employees, as well as their opinions and ideas and works on developing them by training.
  • It fulfills its obligations towards the partners with a great respect.


  • The company offers the actual cost its client.
  • It encourages the spirit of initiative  in its staff and gives them equal opportunity.
  • It gives its partners reasonable profits.
  • It makes significant contributions to serve the community.